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Custom Blends

Kalamazoo No. 5 · Character and charm blend together as this fragrance features sandalwood, cedar, cardamom, violet, papyrus, leather, amber, and iris.

Michigan Ave · This is a full fragrance palette of sophistication featuring amber, coco, vanilla, cedar, spices, musk and sandalwood.

Studio 309 · This aromatic experience will leave a lasting impression; it features amber, musk, grapefruit, vetiver, bergamot, vanilla, orange blossom and cedar.

The Gibson · This fragrance is modern, opulent and features creamy tonka bean, vanilla, tobacco, cocoa, dry fruit accords, and sweet wood



Hibiscus: A soft floral note with musky undertones. 

Sweet Pea: A top note of fresh floral, apple, grape, and a hit on lilly. 

Lavender: Hints of fresh cedar and crisp green nuances add a natural appeal to this aroma. 

Vetiver: Earthy with woody, leathery, and smoky balsamic notes.

Orchid: Complex with notes of lemon, lime, cucumber, tuberose, clove, and musk.

Passion Flower: A bright, fruity, floral fragrance derived from the passion fruit.

Water Lily: A fresh and soft aquatic floral fragrance. 

Freesia: Light and powdery aroma of fresh Freesia flowers.

Rose: A rich and deep floral that offers spicy and honey aromas. 

Violet: Earthy and leafy with hints of soft powder. 

Birds of Paradise: Clean and grassy best describe this tropical floral. 

Lily of The Valley: Slightly sweet and dewy with green undertones. 



Mango Thai Lime: A fresh tropical fruity fragrance with lemon, lime, pineapple, mango and passionfruit. 

Madagascar: A vibrant combination of peach, strawberry, and crisp apple.

Chardonnay: A rich scent of fruit notes with touches of cognac and spice. 

Fig: Zesty notes of citrus and coconut mix with notes of fig with a dry musky background. 

Coconut: A tropical twist of grated coconut that is perfectly balanced with a cool vanilla.  

French Vanilla: A hint of rich cream adds some velvety smoothness to this classic vanilla bean fragrance. 

Acai: A healthy blend of acai berries, lemon and strawberries are accented with rose. 

Apple: A delightful mix of fruity floral and crisp green apple. 

Blackberry Bay: A blend of tart blackberry with the freshness of gathered bay. 

Cucumber: Refreshing clear water blended with vine perfect cucumber. 

Champagne: Bubbly and bright with a hint of vanilla. 

Cotton Candy: A bright blend of strawberries, raspberries and light cantaloupe.


Nature / Woody

Oud: Amaretto, rum, musk are all blended together to embody the aroma of this expensive wood extract. 

Emerald Sea Glass: Salt water with driftwood combined with white floral. 

Cedarwood Amber: Fragrant cedar infused with smoky scents of patchouli 

Cuban Tobacco: A Cuban cigar blend with spicy cinnamon, warm cloves, and hints of fruity wine. 

Sandalwood: A deep woody scent with a mix of floral, balsamic, and sweet accents. 

Indonesian Teak: A rich blend of falling leaves, fresh citrus, patchouli and amber. 

Fern: A fresh green scent with mossy overtones and a touch of wood. 

Basil, Sage & Mint: A medley of basil leaves, sage, peppermint sprigs and a splash of crisp citrus. 

Red Currant: A bright and unique berry fragrance blends red and black currants together with a touch of oakmoss

Black Silk: Black currant blends tart orange and cognac. 

Rain: Hints of Lily of the Valley, fresh hyacinth, with a top note of wisteria. 

Aloe & Green Tea: A dry and green tea, hints of floral coupled with a sandalwood base note.  



Aventus: Bubble gum with bright citrus notes. 

Lemongrass: A wonderful fresh cut lemongrass with a hint of green herbal notes.

Zinger: Fresh Fresh lime, lemon, and orange embedded into this rich fragrance. 

French Lime Blossom: Sweet lime blossoms coupled with powdery florals. 

Bergamot: Sparkling bergamot with mandarin oranges. 

Lemon Balm & Rosemary: Cucumber water and lemon balm blend with rose and violet. 

Orange Blossom: Orange bouquet with a background of vanilla and raspberry. 

Mandarin: Raw sugar combined with mandarin orange. 

Yuzu:This Japanese grapefruit is combined with grapefruit. 

White Ginger & Amber: An exotic mix of precious woods, vanilla, ginger, and highlighted with a soft coconut. 

Coriander: Spicy sweet herbal fragrance with a peppery undertone. 

Sangria-White Peach: A medley of juicy strawberries, pineapple, and ripe peaches. 

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