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Creating Your Signature Fragrance

Watch the video for a guided tutorial on how to use your scent kit or follow the instructions below! Either way get creative, use this as an outlet of self expression and most importantly, HAVE FUN!


Take a moment to gently shake each fragrance oil (to make sure the oil & perfumer’s alcohol are mixed well) and begin to sample each scent. When creating your blend, you could work with all 4 oils, or perhaps just 2-3.


Number an end of each of your testing strips with “1,” “2,” and “3.” These three Testing Strips will represent the three Blend Columns on your Scent Notes Table.

Example Scent Notes Table
EXAMPLE spray for kits.png


Write down the names of the fragrance oils you’ve chosen to work with under the Fragrance Oil Name column of the Scent Notes Table.


Select your first fragrance oil to work with, and add a drop to testing strip 1.* Then, choose a second fragrance oil and add a drop NEXT TO (not on top of) your first drop. Continue adding drops of your selected fragrance oils until you feel you have finished your “Blend 1.” You will then follow the same steps for your 2nd and 3rd blends.


*Each time you add a drop of a specific fragrance oil, add a tally in that fragrance oil’s row under the corresponding blend column. This will keep track of the varying ratios for each fragrance oil in each of your 3 blends.


Once you’ve decided which of the 3 blends is your favorite, you are ready to fill your Travel Spray! Twist the top half of the Travel Spray container until the spray top is exposed, which you can then remove from the container. Now you will need to refer to your Scent Notes Table to determine the correct ratios for each fragrance oil.


*Math is gross, so let us make this easy! Let’s say you chose Blend 1 in the example Scent Notes Table above. There are 6 total drops used in this blend, so we will “split” the Travel Spray into 6 equal parts. The Lavender fragrance oil will be 3 of the 6 parts (half of the container), the Bergamot 2 parts, and the Oud 1 part. Just have fun and eyeball it!

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