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The Aroma Labs

Unleash your creativity and embark on a scented journey like no other. At The Aroma Labs, we believe that scent is a powerful form of self-expression, capable of igniting memories, evoking emotions, and inspiring individuality. With our exceptional handmade products and signature scent creation, we invite you to explore the art of personalized fragrance.

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How it All Began

Tanya Thompson here.
Three years ago, I was able to turn a basement hobby into a gender-neutral experience designed to give anyone a greater sense of identity. But it was born out of my grieving process. You see, thirteen years ago I lost my husband. And part of my grieving process was to physically make things. Whether it was candles, a shower scrub, or a lotion… It was an opportunity to get out of my own mind.

In a way, it was a two-fold experience because not only did help me through my grieving process… But it allowed me to put my emotions into an