The Aroma Labs

The Aroma Labs is a unique, creative, gender neutral experience that allows the community an opportunity to develop their own custom fragrances. For both personal and business. Groups and gatherings.
The Aroma Labs has something for everybody to enjoy!

Mission: Creating a personal interactive experience that builds community and fosters development of other local entrepreneurs/business owners.

Here is how it works!


All About Us

The Aroma Labs is a concept created by entrepreneur Tanya Thompson inspired by her personal experience and passion for fragrance and mixology. Her experience as a bartender for 15 years leading up to founding The Aroma Labs prepared her for helping people have a great time through a personable atmosphere.

"As an experience-driven person, I enjoy connecting people with their fragrance creation and helping them have a fantastic time while doing it."

Mentored by perfume expert Tedd Neenan in Chicago, Illinois, Tanya continues to develop her perfumery education through coursework and travel.